Why do we need a
neighbourhood plan?

Fordwich needs a neighbourhood plan so that we can have our say on if and where any developments should be, what they should look like and what spaces to protect. The neighbourhood plan becomes a legal document if passed by you.


How do we create our Neighbourhood Plan 2023-2040 for Fordwich?

There are 3 main steps to creating a plan:

  1. Getting set up and deciding on the neighbourhood area:
    We started this journey in March 2021 and hope to complete it by 2024.
  2. Community consultation and evidence gathering:
    The whole point of the neighbourhood plan is that it is community led. We need the opinion of the community of Fordwich to find out what is important to us about where we live and what we would like to improve and what our vision is for Fordwich. We have done this through our questionnaire (link to questionnaire and results)
  3. Submitting the plan:
    Look at our time line to see the detail and where we are. The Plan is ‘made’ and is a legal planning document that sits alongside the Canterbury and District Local Plan

Note: The New Local Plan for Canterbury District 2023-40 is going through consultation

Who is Involved?

The whole point of a neighbourhood plan is that it is community led.
A Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group has been set up (March 2021) by Fordwich Town Council  made up of members who volunteered to be a part of the process. See dates and minutes for details of our meetings every other Thursday in The Old School Hall.


Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group

Councillor Sue Thompson (Chair), Richard Miller (Vice Chair), Deborah Connolly,
David Enticknap,
Micheal O’Neill, Greg Jones QC and Councillor Roger Green. 

The Steering Group report to Fordwich Town Council who will submit our Neighbourhood Plan